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Jane Portas

Jane Portas gained a science degree and subsequently trained as a Chartered Accountant prior to spending her career in financial services advisory roles, where she served as a Partner in two of the “big 4” accountancy and professional services firms.

She has 30 years' business, risk and regulatory advisory experience working with UK and international clients on projects ranging from strategic group restructuring and cross-border optimisation, solvency and financial stability, through to customer and conduct matters including vulnerable customers and financial wellbeing. Her career has involved her advising start ups, regulated financial services firms and regulators, as well as providing expert evidence to the UK Treasury Committee.

In 2015, Jane's commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in financial services, and the vital role the sector can play in supporting female customers and women's financial resilience in society, resulted in her collaborating with WOW (Women of the World Festival) to help raise awareness of the risks women face in life. This led her to co-found Insuring Women’s Futures, a market-wide, professional programme hosted by the Chartered Insurance Institute to improve women’s and society’s financial resilience.

Jane is the author of The Risks in Life Series, a body of work using risk management techniques to analyse people’s Financial Life Journeys, and to assess the impact of Risks in Life on financial wellbeing through the life course.

The findings of this work resulted in her creating 6 Moments That Matter, key life stages where circumstances, events and decisions have implications for people's financial futures, and subsequently, an associated PEOPLE Framework, to inform strategies, policies and practices employers, businesses, financial services organisations, regulators and policymakers may adopt to improve fairer financial futures. She has since written numerous materials providing insight and practical change suggestions for organisations, considering various aspects of Risks in Life, as well as financial wellbeing guides for people.

Jane now has a portfolio career, is a regular public speaker to personal and professional audiences, and sits as a non-executive on various boards and committees. Through 6 Moments That Matter, she works purposefully with charities, and supports businesses and organisations involved in creating change, to further inclusive approaches to improve financial futures and to address financial fairness as part of Environment, Social & Governance strategies.

Her recent areas of work include Pensions & Divorce in Later Life, the impact of Economic Abuse on lifelong financial security, Black people’s Financial Life Journeys and how trends in Risks in Life facing our future society parallel with climate change.

Jane is a member of Women’s Business Council and the Global Advisory Board of The ISC Group, a global network of female insurance business leaders.

Her work to improve financial futures has been widely recognised and has received a series of awards.

6 Moments That Matter

6 Moments That Matter was created by Jane Portas, to secure fair financial futures for all.

It does this through speaking events to a range of personal and professional audiences, publishing practical insight reports aimed at organisations and financial wellbeing materials for people, writing articles and commentating in the media, providing advice and training to businesses, employers, policymaking and other organisations who have a role in making change and improving financial outcomes for their audiences.

As part of her purpose work Jane Portas gives her time to supporting people in society, and collaborating with charities to raise awareness of specific Risks in Life by developing insight reports and financial wellbeing guides, to improve financial futures.

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Interactive Financial Life Journeys

See how the Risks in Life arise and accumulate throughout our lives, and how the 6 Moments That Matter help prompt individuals and organisations to make changes that improve Financial Life Journeys.


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