Life can take us in many different directions, it's finding the right path for the financial life we want to lead.

Financial Life Journeys

Our Risks in Life and the 6 Moments That Matter make up our Financial Life Journey.

Taken together they help us to think through the circumstances we are in and to be mindful of decisions that we take that will affect us now and in the future. This enables us to plan, empower and protect ourselves for life’s opportunities and uncertainties including the life events we may face. For example, a job opportunity, managing through a period of lower income or higher costs, a happy event such as moving in with a partner, or a difficult event such as bereavement.

An understanding of Financial Life Journeys also makes us more aware of financial gaps – for example, between men and women, and people of different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. So, whether we are a person, practitioner or a policymaker, we can equip ourselves to create a fair and secure financial future for everyone.

Financial Life Journeys for Individuals

Click on the Financial Life Journeys to see how different people experience Risks in Life through the life course.

Althea’s Risks in Life & Moments That Matter

Click to see Althea’s Risks in Life & Moments That Matter on her Financial Life Journey


Financial Life Journeys across Society

By analysing Financial Life Journeys for different groups of people and focusing on a particular Risks in Life, the 6 Moments That Matter can help to identify positive changes to close financial gaps in society and improve financial futures. The associated PEOPLE Framework is designed to enable organisations to identify and embed inclusive and financially fair approaches according to their purpose and strategy, their organisational model and role in society.

Click on the interactive Financial Life Journey to see example actions that may be taken by people, employers, guidance bodies, financial services, regulators and policymakers to improve and level up financial futures in 6 Moments That Matter.

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