Financial Wellbeing

The 6 Moments That Matter help us to be financially mindful so that we can manage our financial wellbeing today and navigate our financial future for tomorrow.

Being Financially Well

means having enough money to enjoy a good and reasonable life and being resilient in times of financial stress and uncertainty. It’s about having an adequate income, a comfortable place to live, and a decent standard of living for ourselves and our family (if we have a family), now and in the future. It’s not about being rich, rather it’s about being happy and healthy, and being satisfied and able to manage with the money we have. It’s about having the inclination, capability and freedom to manage our own money to feel secure, and to be in control of our life, and being afforded the opportunity of meaningful financial information and the right access to appropriate financial products and services such as a bank account, loan, insurance, pension and financial advice relevant to our circumstances and lifestyle.

Being Financially Engaged & Empowered

means having the interest, knowledge, skills and information to be aware and feel confident to be able to navigate financial life in a way that reflects the life we are leading and aspire to lead.

It’s about having the relevant financial capability to make sound financial wellbeing decisions appropriate to our life circumstances today, and that enable us to be financially resilient through uncertain and planned life changes, that support our financial security tomorrow.

Being Financially Enabled

is about having financial freedom and control and the ability to access to the right financial solutions - products and services - to be able to establish financial security for ourselves and our loved ones.

Having, and being in control of, our own money is uplifting, it gives us the freedom to make choices that are good for us and provide security for the people we love and care for.

Having access to the right financial solutions is about having the opportunity to take out financial products and services that match our needs, having the right information to make sure the solutions themselves, and the way we enter into them – such as joint or single products - are appropriate to our life and financial circumstances.

Having a good Financial Wellbeing experience

is the ability to feel positive about financial life. It’s about feeling confident in managing money today and secure in the prospect of being financially well tomorrow.

But it’s not just about how we choose to spend, save and invest our money, its also about the decisions we make in our life, and being ready and able to make affirmative life choices that establish sound financial wellbeing and longer-term financial security by properly considering their impact on our money. This is where understanding our Risks in Life and the 6 Moments That Matter come in.

Interactive Financial Life Journeys

See how the Risks in Life arise and accumulate throughout our lives, and how the 6 Moments That Matter help prompt individuals and organisations to make changes that improve Financial Life Journeys.


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