The decisions we make about our life affect the money we have. And the decisions we make about our money affect the life we have.

6 Moments That Matter

How 6 Moments That Matter works

The 6 Moments That Matter reflect the way we live while recognising that each of our lives are different, meaning that we will experience these Moments differently and at different times of life – often more than once - and in different combinations.

Think of the 6 Moments That Matter as life’s staging posts that help us to navigate our Financial Life Journey. Click here to find out more and how they can help you in life, in work, in business and in society.

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Growing up, Studying & Re-Qualifying

Experiences and opportunities while growing up, qualification choices, student life and ongoing skills development can have far-reaching financial consequences.

Differences in people’s earnings are often influenced by education and skills, and the career they open up and return to.

Jobs and workplaces are changing, requiring lifelong learning. Making informed decisions, having the opportunity to maintain our skills and to invest in our development supports our long-term financial wellbeing.

How we experience 6 Moments That Matter

These 6 Moments That Matter impact all of us across the life stages - from young people through adulthood to later life and old age - according to individual Financial Life Journeys, depending on how we each experience Risks in Life.

For example, becoming a parent or separating from a partner have different consequences depending on whether and how we are working or studying, our time of life (young or older parent), or are in good or poor health. Similarly, our approach to pension saving and retirement planning will vary according to our working life, career stage and family commitments.

If we are all engaged and empowered to understand our Risks in Life and the 6 Moments That Matter and are enabled to access the right financial products and services in the right way for us, then we should have a positive financial wellbeing experience and enjoy the prospect of a secure financial future.

If we are a charity, an employer, a business, financial services firm, a policymaker or some other organisation we can help by considering how the 6 Moments That Matter in life affect our audiences, people, customers and society.

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